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Pig Avengers Help


The pigs are your ammunition used to destory structures, flip switches, and collect the key. Pigs can be place anywhere on the map but you are encouraged to place them near the cannon. The order the pigs enter the cannon is determined by the pigs position. The pig furthest to the right is next in line. If you select the Pigs tool a number will appear above each pig showing this order.


Hugo is your basic hard-hitting pig. With no bells or whistles, this pig is the front line in the resistance.


Like a tidal wave, the power Rush weilds is a force to be reckoned with.


On command, Bravo will rush in to save the day, and when he charges, his path will always be straight and true.


With his jetpack on his back, Tomo can fly just about anywhere. Piloting this device is tricky though, and tight squeezes can be very difficult to navigate.


Burrowing is an art for this pig. He arcs gracefully through ground with the greatest of ease. His drill is good for just one use, but with the right aim, once is all you need.


Coming Soon! Check back for updates.