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Pig Avengers Help

Where do I start?

The objective of a Pig Avengers™ level is to free the captive pig by getting the key to his cage, but without hurting the caged porker. The level builder has been built with the goal of being simple yet powerful. The help should answer most questions, but if you can't seem to find your answer, feel free to ask us here.

To create a new level select New at the far right in the main toolbar above. You can select the theme of the level you wish to build. When you create a new level there will be a cannon, a key, and a cage. The functionality of each of these are as follows.

The Cannon

The cannon is how the player launches his pig team. The cannon can be moved when you're building levels, but it can't be rotated or flipped. To move it, go to the blocks tool by clicking on the Blocks tool above, then click and drag the cannon. To place pigs for the cannon to fire, see the Pigs section of the help.

The Key

The objective of the game is to collect this key without hurting the captive pig locked in the cage. The key has to be collected by a pig; it cannot break. Be creative when placing the key. Weld to vines to make it hang from the ceiling of a cave, bury it under layers of blocks to make the player dig down to get it. Place it deep into an intricate machine and make the user figure out how to retrieve it. Your imagintion is the only limitation.

The Cage

The cage contains the pig you wish to rescue. Get the key to set him free, but be careful! If you jostle the cage too much the pig will perish and it's Game Over.